Our workshops

We make electronic workshops on demand of events organisers. They often propose to the subscribers to build themselves their own machine among our D.I.Y Kits range, although being guided and assisted by our team throughout the end of the workshop.

We can easily design & make custom workshops or D.I.Y Kits to follow a particular request or to fit the event’s context. Do not hesitate do contact us to have more info.

Electronics stall

We are often abroad with our stall in festivals or exhibitions to encourage the public to play with tools & instruments that they’ve never been playing with.
Music & Audio interaction is what we bring with these custom electronic systems made for the public to play with the sound and discover specific concepts in a playful (visible & hearable) manner.

Custom works

Unique and customs designs have always been our main interest. We are always open for inquiries about Audio, Electronic & Artistic pieces. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Some of our custom work is presented below :