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Complete, All-in-One Dub Unit. Originally designed for Sound Systems, Reggae, Dub and every vinyl lover, it can be used to tweak and enhance any kind of music.100% Analog circuit.Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply (To replace with a US / 110V compatible power supply, please add this product into your order) Think about adding an RCA...
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"Pre-Series" Stereo 4-way Isolator

Stereo 4-Way active Filter / Isolator Ideal as replacement or in addition of a Sound-System preamp, mixing desk, or other audio effect equipment, this filter will allow you to separate and adjust the levels of the different frequencies band of the sound. Balanced XLR Inputs & Outputs. Customizable on order only (Non-Modular). // LIMITED EDITION : 10...
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The DIGISIREN is an entirely digital analog sound generator. Really more than a simpel sampler, it is modelising the behavior of a Dub Siren. Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply
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NJD - Rack 1U

A renowm machine, that we don't present anymore. An (upgraded) clone of the NJD Dub Siren widely marketed since it was used by the UK sound-system pioneers.100% Analog circuitProvided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply Also available as D.I.Y kit ! Also available in Box !
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