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Synare Box 💥 V2

The Synare Box V2 is a classic percussion and sound synthesizer that is highly regarded by soundsystems and producers for its unique features. This synthesizer stands out from other sound generators because it is triggered by a sensor rather than a switch. The V2 has a push button trigger and a jack input for an external trigger source.

The new, clearer and more intuitive design with printed front panel makes operation easier and more intuitive. The different LFO waveforms allow you to create various pitch modulations and sound effects, allowing you to enhance your music productions and add original sound effects to your mixes as a DJ. In addition, by adding a PIEZZOBOX, you can trigger the sound by tapping on a piezo sensor for even more creative possibilities.

100% Analog Circuit.

Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply


Also available in Rack


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Dub Siren generator sound effect unit. It is good to use with Reggae and Dub Productions, to use with Dub Delay, Effect reggae, sound-system fx, dub fx.

The Synare allows a "classical" pitch modulation by LFO, with 4 types of waveforms (selectable by the switches on the front panel), and a modulation via trigger.
The volume is progressively decreasing after the triggering.

By combining the LFO and the triggering pitch modulation, this machine is one of the generators that can create most different sounds !

Demo video of the V2 (raw, without any external effect) :

Demo Video of the V1(with the Dub Delay Box and the Piezzo Box) :


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