A renowm machine, that we don't present anymore. An (upgraded) clone of the NJD Dub Siren widely marketed since it was used by the UK sound-system pioneers.

100% Analog circuit

Provided with a 9V Battery Connector, but you can use a PSU Kit.

Provided as Do-It-Yourself kit , with all needed components. You may add an ALUBOX, a PSUKIT or a PIEZZOKIT.

Also available as ready-to-use Box unit !

Also available as ready-to-use Rack unit !


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  • Express delivery, with tracking and insurance. Express delivery, with tracking and insurance.
  • Designed and built in France ! Designed and built in France !

Based on a transistor-onyl circuit, it can generate 4 different types of sound (4 modes selectable by a rotary switch).
In every mode, several parameters are tweakable : Modulation Speed (4 Positions), Sound Pitch (Free setting by a potentiometer), Waveform and Volume.
Two push buttons allows you to manually modulate the sound pitch.
Easy to use and efficient sounds, it is THE most common dub siren.

Demo video of the NJD KIT + ALUBOX + KNOBS (with a Dub Delay Box) :

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