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Due to a large number of orders , the delivery time is not set to 1 month from the order date. Complete, All-in-One Dub Unit. Originally designed for Sound Systems, Reggae, Dub and every vinyl lover, it can be used to tweak and enhance any kind of music.100% Analog circuit.Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply (To replace with a US / 110V compatible power supply, please add this product into your order) Think about adding an RCA (Cinch) cable or a JACK cable to use the machine directly on your equipment !


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I love this thing. Always wanted one. Stereo mixes sound sweet in glorious mono.
Can't go wrong. It's alot of fun.
Thanks Klementz
UK users remember the Gammons have made it so you have to pay VAT import taxes.
Also get a good tight 3 pin adapter for your euro 2 pin power supply. Don't be chancing it with a shaver plug. Get one with small holes to fit the 2 pin. Sight!?