Complete, All-in-One Dub Unit. Originally designed for Reggae, Dub and every vinyl lover, it can be used to tweak and enhance any kind of music.

100% Analog circuit.

Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply

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  • Designed and built in France ! Designed and built in France !

For Home use, Radio Shows, Live Mix or as a real Sound-System preamp this tiny machine will allow you to :
- Separate the frequencies and instruments of the music, boost, attenuate or cut them individually using the 4-way isolator.
- Use an external microphone, with a dedicated XLR input, Gain setting and Effect Send.
- Use a Phono record player throught the Phono input, or use any other Line-level source, with a dedicated Gain setting and Effect Send.
- Add effect with the internal Dub Siren (exclusive design, cannot be found anywhere else)
- Use an external Dub Siren or any other sound-generating machine (Effect, Sampler, etc.) through the "Ext. Siren" input
- Add echo effect on any of the above sources, using the included internal Dub Delay
- Add an external effect (of your choice) on any of the above sources (using the "Fx Send" and "Fx Return" functionnality)
- Enhance and Color the sound of your music with the internal Parametric Filters.
- Use the 4 separated outputs to link up to 4 different amplifiers, creating a true 4-way Active Filtering System.
- Use the "Full Range" output to feed any standard mixer, amplifier or studio monitors.

Demo Video (with a POWERSIREN):

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