Review for "Stereo Rack 1U Preamp 💥 V2"

Stereo Rack 1U Preamp 💥 V2

BRAND NEW STEREO PREAMP - IN 1U RACK FORMAT 100% Analog circuit. Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply (To replace with a US / 110V compatible power supply, please add this product into your order) PRE-ORDERS - AVAILABLE WITHIN 1MONTH APPROX. AFTER YOUR ORDER.


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This preamp is an excellent bit of kit
I am very impressed with the versatile use of the unit. You can do so many things with it.
I like the smoothness of the four-way crossover
The ease of use and the sound quality is next to nothing else.
And I say this with a smile on my face !! All in a 1u unit Wow.
All the best to the Klementz team and thank you for all your help
you got a winner on your hands
Bless up