Stereo Rack 1U Preamp 💥 V2


100% Analog circuit.

Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply (To replace with a US / 110V compatible power supply, please add this product into your order)




Express delivery, with tracking and insurance.


Designed and built in France !


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A preamp that is Entirely Stereo, in 1U Rack format, featuring the following functions :

- 2x Volume and Effect Sends (with On/Off switches for the FX send)

- 2x Parametric Equalizers with Frequency and Gain Setting (Sub/Bass et Mid/Top)

- 4-Way Stereo Active-Filtre with Phase re-aligment (with volume and kills) [the kill switches only works on the Main input]

- 1x Stereo Phono Input

- 3x Stereo Line Inputs

- 2x Microphone Inputs

- 1x FX Return Input

- 1x FX Send Output

- 4x Separate Outputs of the Active-Filter (4-way Corssover)

- 2x Master (Full Range) Stereo Outputs, 1 with two balanced XLR connectors and 1 with unbalanced Jack Output.

- 1 Mono / Stereo Switch on the back

- 1 HPF On/Off to filter the SUB out of the AUX input

Demo Video (with a Stereo Dub Delay V2) :

You don't know the concept of the "FX Send, FX Return" effect loop ? Read the dedicated article on our website !


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This preamp is an excellent bit of kit
I am very impressed with the versatile use of the unit. You can do so many things with it.
I like the smoothness of the four-way crossover
The ease of use and the sound quality is next to nothing else.
And I say this with a smile on my face !! All in a 1u unit Wow.
All the best to the Klementz team and thank you for all your help
you got a winner on your hands
Bless up

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Preamp reçu cette semaine et que dire, après une petite galère suite au branchement, avec en plus un de mes cable défectueux, la machine marche du tonnerre et c'est peu de le dire, amateur de roots music vous serez pas déçu ! un big up au SAV aussi qui est de très bonne qualité, Merci !!

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