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Due to a large number of orders , the delivery time is not set to 1 month from the order date. Complete, All-in-One Dub Unit. Originally designed for Sound Systems, Reggae, Dub and every vinyl lover, it can be used to tweak and enhance any kind of music.100% Analog circuit.Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply (To replace with a US / 110V compatible power supply, please add this product into your order) Think about adding an RCA (Cinch) cable or a JACK cable to use the machine directly on your equipment !


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Really a great product, compact and usefull.
I only think that for a flat response the volume knops dont line up in the center(bass heavy), and the gate level of the peak leds should be more equal to a flat response.
And maybe dampening of the bleu led cause of the high light output in comparison to the others.
Maybe it is still able with a small adjustment of some internal components.

Good pruduct overall!