Synare - Rack 1U

Powerful percussion synthesizer, one of the specificity of the Synare is that it is normally triggered by a Piezzo trigger.

More complex than a Dub Siren, it can build a large variety of complex sounds by combining two sources of modulation.

The triggering is done by pressing the push button, or by using an external trigger (like the PIEZZOBOX)

100% Analog Circuit.

Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply

Also available in Box !


€256.85 Tax incl.

Including €0.18 for ecotax


Customers outside E.U. : You don't pay the taxes (Tax Excl. Price) Customers inside E.U. : You have to pay the taxes (Tax Incl. Price)

Shipped witin 10 to 15days


Express delivery, with tracking and insurance.


Designed and built in France !


Local currencies accepted

The Synare allows a "classical" pitch modulation by LFO, with 4 types of waveforms (selectable by the switches on the front panel), and a modulation via trigger.
The volume is progressively decreasing after the triggering.

By combining the LFO and the triggering pitch modulation, this machine is one of the generators that can create most different sounds !

Demo Video (with the Dub Delay Box and the Piezzo Box) :


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