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The Dub Siren D.I.Y Kit is a simple sound generator to build yourself, easy to build and to use. 100% Analog circuit Provided with a 9V Battery Connector, but you can use a PSUKIT. Provided as Do-It-Yourself kit , with all the necessary components. You may add an ALUBOX, a PSUKIT or a PIEZZOKIT.


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Very nice kit, easy to assemble due to the clear instructions provided. Nice sound and a lot of possibilities due to the 4 different 4 types in combination with the modulation speed, and sound setting.

I’ve bought this together with the PSU Kit and the Delay kit, and installed it into an empty 1U housing I had laying around. Took a bit of extra soldering to install the rotary switch as the dimensions of the PCB of this kit are larger than 1U height (The rotary switch for the mode selection is normally directly soldered onto the PCB). So I had to connect it with wires from the rotary switch to the PCB. If you build it into an Alubox, this extra wiring won’t be needed thought. Overall very useful kit which can be installed in any housing if you’re a bit handy and creative.