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DSKIT PCB - Dub Siren Kit (PCB Only)

The Dub Siren D.I.Y Kit is a simple sound generator to build yourself, easy to build and to use. 100% Analog circuit Provided with a 9V Battery Connector, but you can use a PSUKIT. Provided as Do-It-Yourself kit , with only the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the IC. You will have to buy the other components yourself. Also available in FULL version...
Price €11.67 - €11.67 Tax incl.
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This kit will allow you to replace the 9V battery of any of our D.I.Y Kits, to a Transformer Power Supply that can be plugged on the mains. It is possible to power approximately up to 5 kits with one PSU Kit. Provided with Standard European-Plug Power Supply Provided as Do-It-Yourself kit , with all needed components. Compatible with any other D.I.Y Kit.
Price €12.50 - €12.50 Tax incl.
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